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Hire me as Makeup artist for movies and theater

I can do both, makeup and special effects, I can take lifecast of actors, make prosthetics for the concept of issue and work on set with makeup and sfx.

  • Makeup

  • body paint

  • life-cast

  • sculpting

  • mold-making

  • applying prosthetics

  • theets

  • wigs 

  • hair applications

Workshops in English and/or Norwegian

I recommend at least four hour for a workshop.  Here I would demonstrate the use of materials, bring  examples, provide patterns and individual guide to each contestant. The workshop would be specified to your needs. If you want to host a workshop for children I will offer reduced rates. 

  • Introduction to working with Worbla, EVA foam, fun foam, clay..

  • Focused builds eg. Helmets, bracers, crowns

  • Seasonal workshops eg. Easter eggs, Christmas decor, Halloween makeup etc. 

  • Painting armor and props 

  • SFX makeup; sculpting wounds and flatmold

  • Life cast of ear or face 

  • Advanced makeup with life-casting face or ears, casting it in plaster, sculpting prosthetic, mold making and casting the prosthetic (this will take up to 5 days) 


Do you need a panel or lecture about creativity, costuming or cosplay at your event. The content will be tailored to your specifications and made uniquely for your event. 

Examples for panels:

  • What is cosplay

  • Cosplay on a budget

  • How to build props

  • How to work with worbla

  • Cosplay performance

  • Makeup, bodypaint and airbrush


I have been cosplaying for 6 years and have both entered and judged several competitions. I have broad field of expertise within cosplay, prop and costume making, whether it is a drop in competition, prejudging, or and online competition.


I can make props, costume parts and prosthetic.

NB not sowing.

Contact me to discuss your ideas and details. 

Hire me as Makeup/sfx artist for movies, TV-Drama and theater
  • Day price: 1982 NOK 

  • * plus all materials used within the project of issue

Hire me as Makeup/sfx artist for Commercials and short-films
  • Day price: 2492 NOK

  • * plus all materials used within the project of issue

Workshops in English and/or Norwegian
  • 2 hours: 2500 NOK

  • 4 Hours: 4000 NOK

  • 8 Hours: 6000 NOK

Workshops for children
  • 3 hours: 2500 NOK

  • Original: 3000 NOK

  • Reuse: 2000 NOK

  • Cosplay contest "drop in" style: 1500 NOK

  • Cosplay contest incl pre-judgeing: 3000 NOK

  • In-depth contest judging (eg. NCC): 6000 NOK

  • Online/portfolio judging: 1000 NOK

Costume exhibition
  • Per day per costume: 1000 NOK.

  • Deposit per costume: 5000 NOK

       *I do not rent out my costumes for wear ,only exhibition

Event promotion
  • Appearance in costume: 1500 NOK per Hour

       * Time to get into costume in addition

  • Full day, 8 hours: 6000 NOK

Event activities
  • Host on stage: 1000 NOK per Hour

  • Question and answer sessions: 1000 NOK per Hour

  • Interview: 1000 NOK per Hour

Photo shoot in costume
  • Depending on costume: from 2000 NOK per Hour

       * Time to get into costume in addition

       * Travel time to location in addition


Custom/prop commission
  • Please contact me for quote

Sale of previously made props etc.

See my facebook for announcements. 

*Travel and accommodation comes in addition to fees and will be covered by client unless other is specified. 

**For full day assignment (eg 8 hours) a lunchbreak  is included.

If you’re interested in booking me for a project, promotion or convention, please leave me a message. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. - Please click here!

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