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Makeup artist;

I offer:

- Body paint 
- Face-painting (children's party, stands, conventions etc..)

- Makeup for Tv, Movies, commercials, stands, conventions, etc..

- Makeup for Theaters 
- Sfx makeup for Tv and theaters

- Panels and workshop regarding makeup and sfx makeup.

- Life casting (Head, face, ears, nose, hands, feet, half body, full body..)

- Teeth, casting and custom making them after your spesific design or wishes.

- custom making of scars, wounds, nose, small or big wishes from you, feel free to ask about anything specific.

Cosplay and props;

I offer:

- Judging cosplay contests

- Workshops in English and/or Norwegian

- Panels/presentations

- Question and answer sessions

- Costume exhibition

- Photo shoot in costume

- Event promotion

- Interviews

- Custom commission (prop or costume)

- Sale of previously made props etc.

I'm curious of what you want, so contact me so we can discuss every detail together. 

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