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Special effects - Makeup artist -Cosplay

My name is Elisabeth Erring, and I am a professional makeup effects artist with the bachelor degree in Mask and Hair design. 


On this page,,  you can have a look at my designs and other art I have created which is showcased here. Take a look at my Portofolio where all my favorite work is featured.

For further interest in what I'm doing there are folders for every subject with details and more photos. Any question, feel free to contact me. 

My background; 
I am an educated chef since 2010, and I started with cosplay in the end of 2011. Cosplay became a big part of my life, especially makeup and sfx, and the more I  crafted and experimented with makeup, the more eager I became.

Then I decided to become something more than a chef, and I started studying Mask and hair-design in 2015 at Westerdals ACT. I had my full focus on the art of special effects and  I will sharpen my skills within crafting and makeup. I finish my education with a bachelor degree in Mask and hair-design/Character-design in the summer of 2018. I work as a self employed as a makeup artist, cosplayer, prop and costume designer. If you are interested to book me follow this link to contact me and we can talk trough your ideas. 

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